UKIP – The Party of Small and Medium Sized Business

UKIP’s 2021 manifesto pitches our party firmly on the side of UK based small and medium sized businesses. UKIP wants to foster an attractive trading environment for smaller businesses to make it easier to start new businesses, recruit staff, attract new investment and gain fair access to UK and international markets.

We aim to help small business owners make money, keep costs down, minimise taxes, find business opportunities, and generate funds for growth. We support free markets & private enterprise, and reducing or eliminating business taxes but we are against big multinational corporations growing more powerful and forcing smaller businesses to close.

More specifically our latest proposals include:

  • Establishing a national funding scheme for small businesses.
  • Abolishing business rates.
  • Implementing a zero-inheritance tax rate up to £500,000 per individual to help keep small businesses intact on the death of one or more proprietors.
  • Improving access to trade and export credit insurance to give small traders the confidence to expand their businesses.
  • Incentivising local authorities to provide parking facilities with at least 30 minutes free parking in every town centre and shopping parade.
  • Penalising big businesses and public sector bodies that repeatedly make late payments to smaller businesses.
  • Reducing bureaucracy, red tape and health and safety requirements, which affect smaller business more than big business.
  • Investing in the UK workforce.
  • Reversing the loss of UK jobs and manufacturing to foreign countries.
  • Introducing a strict policy on domestic and foreign takeovers of UK listed companies to prevent new owners abandoning the workforce or acting against our national interests.
  • Ensuring foreign businesses earning profits from UK sales pay the same tax rate on profits, as do UK domiciled businesses.
  • Strengthening UK technical skills training and apprenticeship programmes.
  • Ensuring that “Made in UK” becomes a valued trademark of quality.

UKIP Bath & Somerset

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