Caravan Parks ‘Can’t Cope’

According to BBC News, holiday park owners won’t be able to cope with the rising numbers of electric cars.

One Somerset park near Brean Sands, just south of Weston-Super-Mare holds a thousand static caravans, but has only three electric charging points. The owner has been told the National Grid can only support a few more, leaving most electric car drivers unable to recharge on site.

Every caravan needs electricity for lights, heating, and the gadgets of modern life but electric cars are much hungrier. To install hundreds of charging points would be a massive job. The whole park would have to be dug up, big new cables laid. The supply to the site from the Grid would need to be quadrupled, if not more. The grid couldn’t cope with it.

For years Somerset was left out of high speed broadband networks, because the resident population was small. In the same way, there are fewer high speed electric charging points in these remote areas.

UKIP opposes electric vehicles. We will repeal the ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol cars set for 2030 and end tax exemptions and free electricity for electric vehicles. Electric Car Batteries cost £7,000 and have a life of just 5 years if you are lucky. With a limited battery life, electric vehicles will not have a worthwhile second-hand value.  Electric car batteries use lithium-ion technology, which is potentially dangerous and car fires in electric vehicles is already more frequent than for petrol and diesel vehicles.

The RAC has joined other electric motoring campaigners calling for action from the government.

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