101-Year-Old Told to Fix Own Potholes

According to Somerset County Gazette, Somerset Council told residents, including a 101-year-old woman, to fill their own potholes on their road.

Elderly locals in Watchet say they live on ”the most potholed road in England”with 21 potholes. Their concerns have been dismissed by council highway staff for two years.

The say more than six people have fallen over as a result of the potholes – described by a neighbour as ‘bomb craters’ – with two being hospitalised. Living on the street is one Somerset’s oldest residents, 101-year-old Sheila Nicholls, who lives with her husband Bill. They are all elderly residents and don’t have the money to pay for the work.

The LibDem controlled council said it is the fault of their cars and rather than listening to their concerns they just said it was “nothing to do with them”.

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