Bath and Somerset

We are the official branch of the UK Independence Party and focal point for party members and supporters in the parliamentary constituencies and local authorities in the ceremonial county of Somerset 

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UKIP Pocket Manifesto 2022

UKIP Pocket Manifesto 2022 UKIP Bath & Somerset Branch has a supply of the printed 2022 UKIP Pocket Manifesto available...
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The “Apathy Party” won the Somerset local election

The "Apathy Party" won the Somerset local election In the Somerset county elections, more than 430,000 people were eligible to...
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UKIP out and about in Weston super Mare on St. George’s Day

UKIP out and about in Weston super Mare on St. George's Day Many thanks to our branch members and supporters...
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Your living standards keep falling; whilst LibLabCon + green politicians deliberately cost you money

The all too powerful green lobby has gained far too much influence over government policy, and, as a result many...
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The country is in urgent need of a real opposition party that would speak for the silent majority and defend our nation

The Conservative Government is presiding over rising national debt, the threat of inflation, illegal immigration, soaring crime, fuel shortages, ever...
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UKIP Wants a Strong and Competitive UK Financial Services Industry

UKIP's 2021 manifesto commits our party to maintain a strong and competitive UK financial services industry, which is a vital...
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UKIP – Expanding UK’s IT Capabilities and Creating Jobs

UKIP's 2021 manifesto commits our party to expand the UK’s digital capabilities and create jobs in the IT industry. We...
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UKIP – The Party of Small and Medium Sized Business

UKIP's 2021 manifesto pitches our party firmly on the side of UK based small and medium sized businesses. UKIP wants...
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Your Body – Your Choice

YOUR BODY- YOUR CHOICE  Covid 19 Vaccinations and Passports In a free society the individual must have bodily autonomy, such...
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Done Without the Voter’s Consent

DONE WITHOUT THE VOTER'S CONSENT HS2 Project This was conceived by the EU as  directive 23e  1692/96/EC dated 23 July...
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How does UKIP compare with the legacy parties?
Green (2)
Immigration (2)
Free Speech
House of Lords
What does UKIP stand for
foreign aid
abolih licence fee
Immigration (3)
NHS (2)
Non Stun
Save Our Pubs 3
Voting Reform
Police (2)
Non Stun (2)
voting reform

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