Postal Voting

If you won’t be at home on Polling Day, if you are too busy to get to a Polling Station or if you just prefer to stay at home then you can still vote for a UKIP candidate by applying for a postal vote

You can get a postal vote by visiting the Electoral Commission web site or your local council website:

Bath & North East Somerset

North Somerset

Somerset Council

If you apply for a postal vote but don’t use it by election day you can take the completed and sealed form in the envelope to ANY polling station up to 10:00 pm on polling day

If you can’t go to the polling station on polling day and don’t wish to vote by post, you may vote by proxy. A proxy is someone you trust who goes to your polling station and votes on your behalf.

You can vote by proxy by visiting the Electoral Commission or your local council website. 

Remember, if you cast a vote for any other party than UK Independence Party, if you spoil your ballot paper  or if you don’t vote at all you will only end up getting more of the same


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