Somerton and Frome By-Election

UKIP Bath & Somerset Branch is delighted to announce that Sqn Ldr Peter Richardson (R’td) will be standing as the UK Independence Party’s candidate in the Somerton and Frome By-Election.  

This unexpected by-election is on Thursday 20 July and was triggered by the sudden resignation of David Warburton the sitting (Conservative) MP who stood down following an investigation by Parliamentary authorities into claims of sexual harassment.

There will be eight candidates in the by election.

Peter is a military veteran and parish councillor. He is a local man who understands local issues. He has the moral courage to fight for what matters with truthfulness, transparency and integrity.

Establishment politicians have let us all down over a long period. A vote for UKIP is a vote for a real person, not a career politician. 

If you live in Somerton and Frome, please consider voting for change by voting for Peter Richardson on 20th July.  

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