UKIP – Expanding UK’s IT Capabilities and Creating Jobs

UKIP’s 2021 manifesto commits our party to expand the UK’s digital capabilities and create jobs in the IT industry.

We aim to make the UK the leading nation in which to start and grow a digital business, to develop UK based manufacturing capabilities for computer hardware and software and to improve digital and IT related skills throughout the UK.

 More specifically our proposals include:

  • Stopping foreign ownership of UK telecommunications infrastructure (particularly 5G).
  • Reducing the UK’s dependence on foreign producers of IT products and services.
  • Giving preference to, and supporting UK owned and controlled software and technology manufacturers.
  • Fighting digital crime such as terrorist and cyber-attacks and online child abuse, radicalisation, and fraud.
  • Protecting personal information, but repealing the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which is an EU inspired abomination.
  • Protecting the use of cash and cheques and ensuring continuation of local service by big banks and building societies. We reject the cashless society.
  • Supporting an open internet with minimal interference and unproductive regulation.
  • Opposing a ban on end-to-end encryption and making secure communications an inviolable right.
  • Stopping social media providers restricting free expression or suspending people for “wrong-think”.
  • Aiming to get affordable, ultra-high-speed internet to everyone in the UK, including rural and remote areas, not just the big towns and cities.
  • Expanding free access to WI-FI in public places especially in villages and remote areas outside the big towns and cities.

UKIP Bath & Somerset


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