The New Religion

The New Religion

by Ivor Jones

Halleluiah – There’s a new religion. It’s called ‘Climate Change’ (never mind that it has existed ever since this planet was formed). In common with other religions, it gives rise to a few ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

The ‘ifs’ can be regarded as an acronym for Ignorance, Fear and Superstition. This is possibly not so glib as it might seem. Looking back over thousands of years of human evolution, these three factors have been unfailingly accepted by the masses, and eagerly seized upon by those wishing to exert power and influence over those willing to submit to them. Having established this kind of hierarchy, the die is cast. A new religion is born.

With its pecking order in place, the acronym of ‘buts’ now develops. It manifests as Bigotry, Unprovables, Tribalism and Speciousness.

On the positive side, most conventional religions have been the source of incredible inspiration. Their legacies include the most amazing architecture, literature and music. Likewise the degree of comfort afforded to the bereaved and troubled cannot be overstated.

In their new religion, however, belief has been superseded by dogma and a blind refusal to consider any other ideas which might suggest a contradiction of their perceived ‘facts’. As recently demonstrated, their selfish behaviour indicates mindless arrogance, ignorance and a total lack of respect for others. That’s Bigotry, etc. in action.

The usual practice of targeting children for what is essentially a brainwashing exercise could be regarded as some kind of abuse. University students are now taught what to think instead of how to think. This in itself is a reflection of the poor quality and politics of so many of their lecturers. Unfortunately, it seems to work, and suggests the old idea of ‘useful idiots’ being manipulated by those who gleefully stay out of the picture.

The High Priestess of this religion, Greta Gobbo, emerges as a child who is being presented as some kind of oracle in this dubious quest to save the world. One might wonder precisely who is pushing and financing her, and why. Presumably she is supremely learned and technically infinitely qualified to make the pronouncements that we hear. All this from one so young – must be either a genius, or a puppet.

Along with all the others of her ilk, they fail to recognise that the biggest challenge to the survival of the human race is that of overpopulation. The seas are being drastically overfished, vast swathes of arable land are being misused to accommodate yet more solar panels, rainforests are rapidly disappearing to produce bio fuel, and cash crops. Medical advances are now saving millions. These significant considerations are totally ignored by the new believers. Nevertheless, they are the real inconvenient truths.

Also being ignored for political reasons, is the substantial number of active volcanoes all over the world. This is not just the Pacific Ring, but in Iceland, Montserrat, Hawaii, Guatemala, and now the Canary Islands, with many other areas around the globe. As Mount St Helens proved in 1980, mankind cannot possibly influence, control, or predict earthquakes, with their consequent catastrophic volcanic activity and tsunamis. Vesuvius and Krakatoa both wreaked havoc on a monumental scale in their day.

The amount of noxious gaseous material constantly spewing from these active volcanoes is immense. These include vast incalculable quantities of sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and other lethal cocktails. These deadly compounds are far more damaging to human existence than coal fires, wood burners, flatulent cows and motor vehicles.

Then factor in the small matter of sunspots, El Nino, the Jetstream and other normal natural phenomena, and things start to look a bit more realistic.

We are told that the atmospheric pollution produced by the UK is reckoned to be approx. 1% of the world’s total. That is virtually negligible, especially against China, India, the USA and Brazil. We are also told how many tonnes of carbon dioxide we produce. Somehow these figures are blithely taken in as gospel, but how can such amounts be proved? There is so much waffle regarding this subject which no-one seems to question, regardless of whether those numbers are arbitrarily plucked from the air. Nevertheless they are gratefully accepted by Governments as an excuse for increasing taxation. In the words of Adam Smith (1723-1790), “There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people”. So what’s new?

The utterly disproportionate interpretation of the eco situation is already proving to be unnecessarily damaging to our economic existence and viability. It can only get substantially worse, especially if our politicians continue to curry favour with these so-called eco experts. How many of these people are seeking to benefit substantially from deeply flawed government schemes?

We seem to be totally in thrall to other countries who are only too keen to debase our international standing and destroy our economy.

Our reliance on Chinese, Russian, French, Middle Eastern and other foreign involvement in our vital power requirements is at best utterly scandalous, and at worst blatantly corrupt. This new religion plays straight into their hands

4th October 2021

The author, Ivor Jones is our Branch Representative in Bridgwater & West Somerset. He was the elected UKIP Councillor for Minehead Central from 2015 to 2019 on West Somerset District Council

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