The Invasion Continues

According to a report in the North Somerset Times, on 23rd September, more than 1,000 people crossed the English Channel in small boats the day after the total for the year exceeded 30,000, according to Government figures. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that 21 boats were intercepted on Thursday 22nd September carrying 1,150 people.

We in the UK Independence Party would like to remind our Tory government that 17.5 million people (52% of the country) voted decisively in 2016 to take back control of our borders. It is therefore completely unacceptable that this government is failing in its duty to the UK people and enabling this invasion to continue.

“This is the third highest daily figure in 2022 and brings the total to have made the crossing so far this year to 31,665.

The number of arrivals this week has led officials to erect special tents at Dover, Kent, to keep migrants covered as they appear to be overflowing from existing facilities while being processed”.

If you agree and want to join us, you can sign-up on-line here 

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