The Emperor’s New (Green) Clothes

The emperor has a new set of clothes – actually, a whole wardrobe of them, all in green and probably made in China.

Or do those vestments really belong to the hierarchy of that new religion called ‘Climate Change’?

For their information, the Earth’s climate has changed ever since the beginning of its existence and will continue so to do until the day it eventually splutters to its end. By the same token, a large degree of atmospheric pollution has also occurred, caused by the very geophysical structure of the planet itself. There are currently twenty to thirty large volcanoes and numerous smaller sites active at any one time spewing out toxic gases by the megaton and molten rock by the cubic MILE.

They did not stop after Vesuvius, or Krakatoa. They are still reminding us of their global presence and power, as did Mount St Helens in the USA in 1980, and not too long ago that unpronounceable Icelandic one which caused global problems. Within the past few months or so, Guatemala, Mount Kilauea on Hawaii, the Cumbre Vieja on La Palma in the Canary Islands and the Taal on the Philippines have hit the headlines….and don’t forget Stromboli. Those are only some of the easily accessible and noticeable ones. We can only hope that the Yellowstone system remains benign for at least a few more thousand years, but who knows?

Then factor in the small matter of sunspots, El Nino, the Jetstream and other normal natural phenomena and things start to look a bit more realistic.

This all comes back to more familiar times. During the Second World War, enormous quantities of smoke and toxic gases were produced by millions of tonnes of high explosives and raging fires worldwide over a prolonged period. The question of ‘climate change’ was not then an issue. In fact, the winter of 1947 was one of the coldest on record, and then came freezing 1963 with similar conditions. There have been others since and will be again. Then came the hots of 1976, but no amount of futile gestures by our eco-fanatics will have the slightest effect, and certainly not in this country with a virtually imperceptible output of carbon dioxide (if that is their prime consideration).

Will they demonstrate in China for more effective action, and if so, will they go by bike? Will they stop buying clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, etc. to help reduce China’s CO2 production? Mind you, some of them seem to have stopped buying clothes a while ago, but that’s simply an observation. Also, using superglue to stick hands or whatever to roads or buildings is most inappropriate since cyanoacrylate type glues are ecologically very unfriendly. As a matter of principle, surely flour and water should be their adhesive of choice.

With regard to our national power generation, this will never be physically achieved within the context of some wonderful net zero illusion. Despite political wishful thinking, this cannot be done solely by mirrors (smoke is no longer a permitted option).

Do those eco-fanatics not realise that those windmills and solar panels require considerable amounts of energy to construct? The additional raw materials still have to be mined, transported, refined, etc. Then once manufactured into the component bits, they have to be surveyed, sited whether on land or offshore, installed, connected and maintained – all of which requires a considerable amount of energy, only to materialise as unsightly, inefficient, grossly expensive vanity projects which rely absolutely on amounts of wind and sunshine for which this country is geographically and meteorologically wholly unsuitable.

Regarding battery power, they require vast amounts of precious metals, mainly lithium, cadmium and nickel, to be mined and refined. By all accounts these miners are usually young children in DRC and China working in atrocious conditions for very little personal reward – effectively slave labour. The subsequent refining of this material is giving rise to colossal amounts of toxic heavy pollution of land and rivers. This is not ‘green’ energy by any means

Then come the massive costs in time and resources when these things need replacing. Because of all the plastics and precious metals contained within them, they are virtually indestructible so therefore non-recyclable. So much for the green credentials!!

For largely self-interest reasons, most of our politicians refuse to accept that the biggest threat currently confronting Mankind is that of overpopulation. Our seas are being grossly overfished, the world’s rainforests are being destroyed in favour of biofuels and expensive cash crops, and vast swathes of good arable land are being occupied by solar panels. All the while the demands of a rapidly increasing population are becoming less and less achievable. Various medical, political, tribal and unhelpful religious doctrinal considerations also have to be taken into account. These annoying little details are totally and conveniently ignored by the new believers.

The utterly disproportionate interpretation of the eco situation is already proving to be unnecessarily damaging to our economic existence and viability. It can only get substantially worse, especially if our politicians continue to curry favour with the self-styled eco experts. How many of these people are seeking to benefit substantially from deeply flawed government schemes?

They seem to be totally in thrall to other countries who are only too keen to debase our international standing and destroy our economy.

Our reliance on Chinese, French, Russian, Middle Eastern and other foreign involvement in our vital power requirements and independence is at best scandalous, and at worst blatantly corrupt.

This new religion plays directly into their hands.

Ivor Jones
UKIP Representative for Bridgwater and West Somerset

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