The “Apathy Party” won the Somerset local election

The “Apathy Party” won the Somerset local election

In the Somerset county elections, more than 430,000 people were eligible to vote in 110 seats. But apathy reigned supreme. Turnout by district was Mendip 39.3%; Sedgemoor 30%; Somerset West and Taunton 38.73% and South Somerset 38.15. At the end of the day the LibDems took control of Somerset with 61 seats and the Tories took 36 with a very small smattering of Greens, Labour and Independents.

But that was because there was a serious lack of choice. Compared to previous years there was a serious decline in any party standing against the “big three” establishment parties in Somerset. The field was dominated by Lib/Lab/Cons and very little else. So, sadly, in the absence of any real opposition, the establishment was always going to win big here!

And the clear majority of voters made their displeasure plain. Around 60% sat on their hands and refused to vote. A clear mandate for “none of the above” if ever I saw one.

So what has happened to politics in Somerset? People are fed up with the establishment parties that much is obvious. Whatever normal people want, establishment politicians just ignore them and keep following the last order they received from their establishment elite bosses.

Sadly, UKIP had only one candidate in Somerton (Peter Richardson in Somerton). Well done Peter, but it seems this lethargy does not only affect UKIP. UKIP did our best here but all the smaller parties were generally conspicuous by their absence. Why was that? There was one “For Britain” candidate in Chard but there was no “Reform Party”, no “Reclaim”, no “Heritage Party” and no “SDP” anywhere in Somerset with only a handful of independents and greens. So where was the political choice? There wasn’t any. This must not happen again. 

I was under the impression that many ex-UKIP members in Somerset left us to join the Brexit Party, but clearly they are no longer active in the somewhat bland Reform Party that replaced it. The Reform Party was non-existent and stood no candidates here. So, I really don’t understand the apathy in Somerset and I really don’t believe the majority are suddenly satisfied with the Lib/Lab/Cons!

The LibDems will doubtless crow about their win, but the fact remains they “won” with a minority of available votes. So they have no clear mandate in Somerset. The apathetic majority needs to wake up, stand up and fight back hard.

Maybe some people in Somerset voted for the LibDems as some sort of “substitute protest party”. But they would be wrong to have done so.

The LibDems are not a protest party. They are a globalist shill party. They promote open borders and they would (as a minimum) have us back in the Customs Union without even batting an eyelid and don’t forget they would cheerfully cover our farms and green fields with windmills and solar panels.

If the LibDems ever get anywhere near the seat of real power voters will regret it. Just look at how the majority LibDem Bath & North East Somerset council elected in 2019 caused mayhem in Bath within only three short years of their election. They pursued their relentless war on the motorist with a passion. Their Low Traffic Zones with bollards and planters  caused dead-end roads. Their clean air zone raised costs and caused traffic snarl-ups and their policies destroyed local small businesses.

That’s why UKIP is needed and will soldier on in Somerset. UKIP will work hard locally to restore a sense of political motivation and choice. We are still the common-sense party. We have the brand, we have a local and national manifesto second to none. We just have to regain our confidence, recapture our campaigning zeal, stand more candidates and start fighting the establishment again!  Are you ready to step up and join in?

UKIP’s Pete North has published his thoughts on the wider issues on the UKIP website. Read his article “A broken country with broken politics ( British democracy is dying” here.

Are people in Somerset genuinely happy with the globalist establishment parties? I don’t think so, and I would really appreciate your thoughts on that.

Steve Grimes
UKIP Somerset County Chairman

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