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Why not become a member?

Every member makes a difference to UKIP’s ability to campaign locally in the Bath & Somerset constituencies, so we are always keen to welcome new hands on deck. The more local residents who join UKIP, the more potential there is for UKIP to stand candidates in our local and parliamentary elections. 

If you are under 25, you automatically become a member of UKIP’s national youth wing, Young Independence (YI) too. Getting involved with YI is a good way for young people to meet new friends who share the same political outlook. 

As a local UKIP member, you can become involved with and help the Branch as much or as little as you wish. There is no obligation to participate; some members simply pay their subscription and do no more; though it would be nice to see you occasionally at meetings. All participation is strictly voluntary with each individual deciding how much time, if any; they wish to devote to party activities.

Are you happy with the way your country is going?

If you share our values and would like to make a difference, all you have to do is

join on-line here

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