Somerset Residents Face Sharp Rise in Recycling Prices

According to an article in Somerset LiveSomerset residents will face higher charges at the county’s recycling centres in 2023.

Somerset  will be raising the cost of disposing of certain items at its 16 household waste recycling centres, in some cases by up to 11 per cent. It will also raise the fees it charges for garden waste collections and for the collection of bulky items at the kerbside, with the new prices taking effect from April 1, 2023.

The UK Independence Party is firmly on the side of residents when it comes to recycling, rubbish and waste. The UK Independence Party opposes cutting recycling, rubbish, and waste collections to once every three weeks to cut costs. The UK Independence Party will ensure a minimum frequency for all recycling and waste collections of once a fortnight.

The UK Independence Party opposes councils imposing additional charges at recycling centres for disposal of domestic waste from household alterations, DIY, and large items. This leads to an increase in fly tipping, especially in rural areas. Residents pay for local recycling, rubbish, and waste services through council tax. The UK Independence Party aims to make all domestic (non-commercial) waste services free at the point of delivery.

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