Renewables are Not the Solution


From 5th to 11th July 2021 there were four whole days where generation by 7000 wind turbines was less than 2GW.

From 2nd to 20th September 2021 there were 20 whole days where generation by 7000 wind turbines was less than 2GW.

The demand was 45GW at peak and they had to use every fossil fuel resource still available to prevent national grid collapse.

This wasn’t just in the UK, across Europe there was the same problem due to a static high-pressure zone.

The demand for natural gas went ballistic and wholesale gas prices have gone way above the consumer cap meaning that energy companies were selling gas at a loss.  A number have gone bust and over 2 million customers have been forced to switch to other suppliers and agree to having a smart meter fitted.

Neither wind or solar allow on-demand or continuous base level electricity supply.  The hourly and daily changes in electricity generation by wind and solar requires rapidly variable on-demand generation to be able to react to supply the shortfall in demand.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine and granulated coal fired stations can compensate for the variations from generation by wind & solar, but nuclear cannot. 

The best solution to keep the lights on is for nuclear to provide a base level of 12GW and for gas and coal between them to supply 36GW.

Unfortunately running gas or coal fired generating stations well below maximum reduces their efficiency, so the introduction of random generation by wind or solar just adds to infrastructure costs and is no solution at all.

For energy security we need to return to conventional generation by mining for coal and by fracking for gas, as well as building additional nuclear power station to provide another 8GW of base load supply.

UKIP Bath & Somerset

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