Migrants Being Forced On Somerset’s Tourist Destinations

The Conservative Party won the 2019 general election, with a huge mandate to level-up outside London and reap the benefits of leaving the EU, but they have miserably failed. They have given us Brexit in Name Only (BRINO), a grim cost-of-living crisis, a growing tax burden, outrageous energy bills, rising inflation, expensive food and mortgage cost hikes. Not only that; this sleazy Conservative government wasted money on Covid contracts, held parties during lock-down, kept changing its leaders and policies, became obsessed with the climate change psychosis, and sold-out our fishermen and Northern Ireland to Brussels. Moreover, this year alone, a record 40,000 illegal immigrants have made their way into the UK mainly using small boats across the English Channel from France.

The Home Office predicts we could see anything up to 60,000 of them by the end of this year. It is an invasion of predominately fighting-age men, none of whom share our heritage, traditions or culture. Yet our weak-willed Conservative government hands them free food, cash, laptops, mobiles, and gives them free hotels all at the expense of the long-suffering UK taxpayer. The Home Secretary admits they are not genuine asylum seekers fleeing war or persecution, but they are economic migrants looking for a better life in soft touch UK. This is scandalous. They pass through several countries within the “safe” EU before they arrive here, (with the assistance of our own Border Force and the RNLI taxi service), but they do not want to remain in the EU, because the UK is their destination of choice. What they want is the “free stuff” they confidently expect to receive from the UK’s generous welfare state whilst expecting to get tax-free work in the black economy.

Nobody knows who these individuals are, or often even, where they came from. Most destroy their papers before landing. There is no way of carrying out identity checks or criminal records checks and no way to find out their real age, or if they have been involved in a range of offences, for example fraud, paedophilia, theft or rape.

According to the Daily Mail, “it is thought at least 200 hotels have now been taken over by the Government, housing some 37,000 migrants”. 

Here is a Google map of hotels already housing migrants across the UK.

We have previously reported on economic migrants receiving support in North Somerset.

Since then; reportedly, Pontins is to house migrants in their holiday camps, and we are concerned that this might involve their Somerset sites at Brean Sands; Burnham-on-Sea & Sand Bay; Weston-super-Mare. 

There are also reports that the Holiday Inn at Bridgwater, Somerset is throwing out guests to house illegals. Incredibly, many of those paying guests were contractors working at the Hinckley C nuclear power station.

We are aware of similar reports that migrants have taken over the Filton Abbeywood Holiday Inn in Bristol where, consequently, local staff have reportedly lost their jobs.

The public must stand up to this, not bury their heads in the sand, and allow it to happen.

The establishment political class does not have the political guts to put our own country and our own people first but the UK Independence Party believes this state of affairs to be a threat to social stability and that it is unacceptable. The invasion must stop. A few years ago, the UK Independence Party ran a warning poster called “Breaking Point”. Our opponents condemned us for doing so. It was racist, they said. It was scaremongering, they said. However, we were right then, and we are right now. The country has finally reached breaking point.

If readers know of any further hotels like this in Somerset, we can do something. Please send us a list of every migrant hotel you find here and photographs too, so that we can name and shame them.

The migrant crisis has exposed the Tory promise to take back control of our borders as a lie, because patently they have not done so. Why should anyone trust the Tories now? We never did.

As a first step to solving this crisis, the UK Independence Party would withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and the 1951 Refugee Convention. Nobody ever voted for them and we do not need to be signatories to any undemocratic global conventions to help GENUINE refugees. We would also scrap the Human Rights Act 1998 and change the Law to underline the rights of the UK population. You can read our full plan for the reform of immigration policy here.

The UK Conservative Party are no longer true conservatives. They have mutated into a ‘big state’, high tax, high spending, quasi Socialist, crazy green, woke joke party. These days, the UK Independence Party is the real conservative party. Vote for the UK Independence Party and better still, join us. Every new member means more support for our campaign.

The LibLabCon parties are all the same. They are all part of the globalist political class and there is not a fag paper between them. Until you vote for what you want, the country will not change for the better. The UK Independence Party is the party you can trust on immigration.

We are now recruiting in Bath & Somerset. If you are not already a member join us on-line today.

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