Increase in Keynsham Parking Charges a Devastating Blow to Local Traders

According to Keynsham Voice, the anti-business, anti-resident, anti-motorist Liberal Democrat controlled Bath & North East Somerset Council is set to increase shopper parking charges by 50%.

The plans would see a two-hour stay at Ashton Way, Ashton Way East and the Civic Centre go up from 40p to 60p. Keynsham’s long-stay car parks would also see rises, which include a 10-hour stay increasing from £2.10 to £3.

The Liberal Democrat cabinet member for transport, said: “Changes to permit and car parking charges are aimed at shifting the way we get around and encouraging walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport, which in turn eases congestion, improves air quality and helps with our Journey to Net Zero ambitions.

But how does this help residents from the rural parts who can only get into Keynsham by car. Many rural residents are not particularly young or fit and many can’t just walk or cycle for miles on hilly, country lanes to get to Keynsham shops. Their interests are being sacrificed to an imaginary climate emergency. And how does this help struggling local residents under pressure from increasing fuel bills and mortgage costs? How does this help struggling local businesses?

Obviously it doesn’t. but that’s what the Liberal Democrats think of their voters. The Liberal Democrats are not on their side.

But the UK Independence Party is. We would help local shops & traders by incentivising local authorities to provide adequate parking with at least 30 minutes free parking in every town centre & local shopping parade. We would also scrap business rates because they are a major cause of the loss of High Street shops and industrial estate businesses. 

If you are affected by this article and wish to help us fight back against the unsympathetic Liberal Democrat controlled Bath & North  East Somerset Council, please consider joining the UK Independence Party and get involved. 

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