Freedom of Speech, Media and Educational Bias


Free speech is under threat. There is a modern trend towards silencing people with orthodox or conservative views on race, religion, sex, sexuality and gender. This is increasingly stifling our right to speak freely.  UKIP aims to replace cancel culture with an open culture that values free speech in which people can freely express their political ideas and debate them everywhere. 

A woke culture war threatens UK traditions and values. UKIP opposes this and we aim to defeat it.  Left-wing zealots conspire to restrict political debate. They are rapidly turning the UK into a nation controlled by censors drunk on power and cultural Marxism. To rectify this, UKIP will repeal the Equality Act 2010, with its protected characteristics of race, religion, sex, sexuality, and gender. We will close the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the Government Equalities Office.  UKIP will repeal subjective hate speech laws based on easily satisfied criteria such as outlawing speech that is ‘hateful’, ‘offensive’ or ‘disturbing’. UKIP will limit these laws to criminalising speech that incites violence.

UKIP will stop Police investigating and recording ‘non-crime hate incidents’. People must be free to criticise any religion, belief or belief system. UKIP will deal firmly with people who claim otherwise, such as those who drove a schoolteacher in Batley, Yorkshire, into hiding for teaching about free speech. UKIP will hold an independent national inquiry into the political correctness that treats some minority communities preferentially. The widespread sexual abuse of vulnerable girls by majority-Pakistani grooming and rape gangs is a scandal covered up for years. UKIP will bring to account those in local government and police who failed to protect children from rape gangs.

UKIP aims for public institutions like the BBC, schools, universities, the NHS, and police forces return to discharging their primary purpose, untrammelled by notions of diversity and political correctness.  Confused children must not be encouraged to ‘change’ sex. Unconscious bias training must end. There must be no more tearing down of statutes or re-writing of history. Recruitment, promotion, and outcomes must be solely on merit.

UKIP will prioritise teaching the history of the British Isles to all children in all UK schools and promote respect for our national flag and institutions.  We will promote English as a common ingredient that binds our society together and end the use of multi-lingual formatting on official documents (as required by the Equality Act).

UKIP is concerned at the staggeringly high number of foreign languages spoken in some UK schools. Failing to communicate in English is bad for social cohesion.

During and after the EU referendum the mainstream media stood firmly against the people. The MSM spouted the globalist values and beliefs of the out-of-touch elite at the expense of ordinary people. Since Brexit, much of the MSM has shown no sign of change, still standing against the hopes and dreams of millions. The BBC shows clear bias. UKIP’s position is that we will change the BBC licence fee from a tax to voluntary subscription, break up, sell off the bulk of the BBC, and sell off the publicly owned Channel 4, which is potentially a liability to the taxpayer. UKIP will also remove regulations requiring broadcast media to present political neutrality, and bring broadcasters into line with the printed and digital media.

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