Energy Shortage Fiasco

I scribed this during a stay in Charing Cross Hospital in 2009 – it helped to pass the time!!

“The recently vandalised power cables at Dartford should serve as a call to our ultra-complacent politicians dreaming of wind power to fulfil all our needs.

Such complacency when combined with a totally irresponsible lack of planning over the past few decades will bring this country to its knees far more effectively than Hitler could ever have imagined in his wildest dreams.

Our current coal-burning and nuclear power facilities are being gradually decommissioned without apparent replacement.   This makes us extremely vulnerable to foreign suppliers and eventually totally dependent on France, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.   Our needs would be of secondary importance to those suppliers, especially as and when political and economic forces change”.

Ivor Jones

p.s. If a mere mortal such as I can see future problems,  what does that say about our ‘leaders’?  

The author, Ivor Jones is our Branch Representative in Bridgwater & West Somerset. He was the elected UKIP Councillor for Minehead Central from 2015 to 2019 on West Somerset District Council

UKIP Somerset Green Agenda

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