Who pulls the strings of ‘eco’ fanatics?

In the light of the current spate of organised vandalism perpetrated in the names of Eco This or Stop Something Else, haven’t we seen this kind of near mass-hysterical action before?

With certain obvious exceptions, most of the activists appear to be in the teens to early twenties bracket, and of a comfortable so-called middle class group.

In any event, they have been persuaded that this business of ‘climate change’ which has steadily become some sort of cult, is about to destroy all life as we know it.

In reality, the world’s climate has been changing since the ‘Big Bang’ and will continue so to do until the whole thing eventually fizzles out. They have not yet cottoned on to the fact that by far the biggest threat to human existence is that of overpopulation.

What is more disturbing, however, is the ease with which they have been recruited into behaving as they do – with no regard to everybody else’s opinions and wishes.

Whether by disrupting a Snooker Tournament, the Grand National, obstructing motorways or whatever else, it is clear that there is a core group of these ‘eco’ fanatics who can be directed to any place or event that somebody decides should be attacked, whenever and wherever they choose.

For this to happen, there has to be a hierarchy at large, as opposed to and directing the cannon fodder who actually make the mischief.

As we have seen on various other occasions, it is those ‘useful idiots’ who do the dirty work while the organisers stay safely away and laugh at those gullible enough to take it all in, regardless of the veracity of their ‘cause’ or the consequences of their mindless actions. This is not new by any means. The Nazis in pre-war Germany used similar tactics involving some sort of brainwashing and intimidation, which resulted in the emergence of Hitler Youth and we all know what a misguided bunch they eventually turned out to be.

Of more concern these days is the potential for the organisers of these events to bring together at short notice a substantial gang of activists who can be easily manipulated into carrying out acts of serious civil disobedience against any stratum of society they decide needs their form of correction or treatment.

This is a form of grooming, however you look at it.

Of course, there will be a percentage who will duck out of any really serious civil disorder, but that would still leave a substantial number of organised troublemakers who will relish the thought of seizing some sort of power to affect political thought or action.

This is generally accompanied by those seeking to maximise damage to public and private property.

It is regrettable that the Courts have so far failed to acknowledge this current spate of ochlocracy. Meanwhile, we all have to put up with that troublesome element intent on testing the boundaries of a decent democratic society.

Ivor Jones
UKIP Bath & Somerset Branch
Representative for Bridgwater & West Somerset

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