Done Without the Voter’s Consent


HS2 Project

This was conceived by the EU as  directive 23e  1692/96/EC dated 23 July 1996 and part of the Trans-European Transport network

When first put to Parliament for consideration in 2010 it was estimated that for the Phase 1, from London to Birmingham, the  cost  would be between £30.9b and £39b.  It has had several cost analyses undertaken, none of which has shown that the project was a worthwhile investment in infrastructure and would never repay itself, even taking into consideration business benefits of reducing the journey time from London to Birmingham by 20 minutes

In 2015 with rolling stock added that increased to £56.6b.

In the Conservative Party Manifesto for the 2019 General election Boris Johnson courted extra voters from UKIP supporters and others on the route of the rail line by promising a thorough review of the project and to possibly cancel it.  Once elected it took little time for Boris to state the project would go ahead although he had likely gained significant support with the possibility of cancellation.  The voters fell for the classic jam tomorrow promise.

In 2019 the Oakervee Review put the cost at £80.7b to £106b.  Even with this eye-watering amount of cost, making it even more of an investment loss, the project started in earnest in 2020, with tunnelling starting in 2021

It is estimated to be employing over 10,000 heavy goods vehicle drivers who would be put to much better use in the consumer haulage industry which is in dire need of drivers.

Though originally estimated to take 3½ years to completion there have been a series of delays and recently a Minister in the Transport Department has stated there is no known end to the completion or to the escalating cost.

If you don’t agree we should continue to waste money on this vanity project, for an EU we are no longer a part of, then you must vote UKIP and continue to do so until UKIP are strong enough to force its cancellation.

Overseas Aid

The United Nations in 1970 set a target for industrial nations to aim to give to poorer countries 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI).  Since then, very few have come close to this with the average being around 0.3%. Notable exceptions are Sweden 1.4%, Netherlands 0.76%, Norway 1.05%, Denmark 0.85%, and Luxemburg 0.93%.

To put it into perspective though, in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015 Sweden had no deficit, Netherlands a deficit of 1.8%, Norway a surplus of 5.7%, Denmark a deficit of 2.1%, and Luxemburg a surplus of 1.2%.  The UK had a deficit in excess of 3% of GDP and in excess of 7% of GNI.

The UK passed the International Development Bill in 2015 brought as a Private Members Bill by the Liberal MP Michael Moore that we henceforth give away 0.7% of Gross Domestic Product.  We then had to hurriedly find countries to gift a total of £12,239,000,000, some of which have a bigger economy than us. 

The ludicrous thing about this is that in 2015 the UK government had a deficit of about £60b. So, we borrowed £12.24b from the IMF and gave it to other countries, without the approval of the UK taxpayer to whom the liability now rests.  What absolute nonsense.

Overseas Aid was calculated as 0.7% of GDP but in 2021 it was reduced to 0.5% of GDP, to howls of protest from Labour and the Left. 

The government has no mandate from the electorate to send taxpayer’s money overseas as development aid to other countries.  With Gross National Income being 40% of Gross Domestic Product even 0.5% of GDP  equates to 1.25% of revenue, and way above the requirement of the UN target.

If you don’t agree we should continue to give money to other countries as aid except in the case of a natural disaster as material relief then you must  vote UKIP and continue to do so until UKIP are strong enough to end it.

Stopped Dredging Rivers & Waterways

Over 2000 years ago the Roman Empire dominated Europe and even came to Britain in AD43.  Everywhere they went the engineers built viaducts to channel water to dry places and widened and dredged rivers and waterways for use in moving men and materials by boat.  Also, they drained marshlands and water-meadows. 

All was fine all over Europe with rivers coping with even the occasional exceptionally high rain events.  Then in 2000 the EU brought out the Waterways Directive that declared that dredging rivers and waterways damage the river-bed ecology and must be stopped. 

To further make this happen they declared the dredged soil as hazardous waste that could no longer be spread over adjacent land as had been done for thousands of years.  Now it had to be disposed of in special hazardous waste areas at high cost.

Within 10 years nature had started to significantly silt up rivers and in winter they burst their banks causing destruction to homes built on water-meadows and flooding villages where the volume of water could no longer pass safely under bridges.  This destroyed people’s homes and possessions and made houses uninsurable and worthless.  Nature was reclaiming the water-meadows. 

Then a couple of years ago the Somerset Levels were severely flooded, the first time since the King’s Sedgemoor Drain was built in 1791-95.  So, in came the dredgers and huge pumps and pipes were installed to remove the unseasonably high-water levels. 

Now in 2021 unusually high rainfalls in Europe have flooded huge regions of southern Germany.  Nothing like this has happened for centuries and it isn’t climate change, it is silted up rivers.

If you believe we should return to water management as we have successfully done for nearly 2000 years, then you must  vote UKIP and continue to do so until UKIP are able to force a repeal of the Waterways Act 2000.

Prime Ministers deceit

Ted Heath as Tory Leader winning the General election of 1970 quickly started negotiations with Charles de Gaulle about joining the EEC, even though the Tory 1970 manifesto had mentioned nothing about joining if they had won.

By 1972 he had signed the UK into the EEC agreeing to a Common Fisheries Policy, giving away our fishing waters, and agreeing to the Common Agricultural Policy that would damage our farming, as the price of entry, without first asking the voters.

In 1992 John Major the new elected Prime Minister signed the UK into the Maastricht Treaty, which was the formation of the European Union and with the goal of ever closer union and eventually a single European State, again without the consent of the voters.

Then in 2009 Gordon Brown, having succeeded Tony Blair, supposedly reluctantly signed the Lisbon Treaty that was another tidying up exercise for the EU, again without the consent of the voters.

In November 2016, as Home Secretary, Theresa May pushed through Parliament for the UK to join the European Arrest Warrant, again without the consent of the voters. That overturned Habeas Corpus that had been the foundation of British peoples’ rights since the signing of the Magna Carta. 

In 2018 Theresa May as Premier returned from the EU with the EU created Withdrawal Agreement, surrender document, and tried to force her cabinet and Parliament to accept it. It was not Leave that the people had voted for.

In 2018 She also signed the UK into the UN Global Compact for Migration, committing this country to receive and accept unlimited migration, without the consent of the voters.

If you believe that Prime Ministers have no right to change our freedoms and our constitution or the identity and ethnicity of the UK without first asking the people, then you must vote UKIP and continue to do so until UKIP are strong enough to protect our way of life.

Boom & Bust & House Prices

When Tony Blair came to power in 1997 his Chancellor, Gordon Brown, immediately gave control of interest rates to the Bank of England with the claim this would put an end to boom and bust.

All governments previously had used interest rates to keep the housing market from running away.  House prices started rising dramatically and people were able to keep increasing their mortgage in line with the equity and use the extra cash to pay off credit card debts,  the clever ones to invested in business and drove the economy up.

Many remember those heady days where the post box every day had offers from credit card companies and banks to take on more loans.  This was because the retail banking sector had a multiplier of 3 or 4, they could lend that mortgage money out three or fourfold, each time spiralling the potential gain upwards.

The international corporate banking sector also tapped into the growing loan secured debt pot with a 10 times multiplier allowing stock to be traded as never before.  It became a frenzy of debt and trade, and the banks became ever keener to offer mortgages to even unreliable borrowers.

While house prices were rising so quickly, money was invested into that sector and precious metals fell in comparative value.  At the height of the housing and lending boom Gordon Brown sold off our entire gold reserves at a knock down price to further fund spending on Public Services.

Then came the financial crash when a cascade of unreliable borrowers defaulted.  Gordon Brown created a new means of devaluing currency called Quantitative Easing.  It is still going on and has now filtered through to a lower buying power for the pound and a new spiral of inflation.

If you don’t agree we should continue with Quantitative Easing and believe governments should control interest rates and house prices, then you must vote UKIP and continue to do so until UKIP are strong enough to make it happen.

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