Do your bit – volunteer today!

Will you get involved with the UK Independence Party and help us put people before politicians?  We have taken on the entire political and media establishment before and won! With your help, we can do it again.

Will you help us to elect genuine, patriotic people who are ready to stand up for Bath and Somerset and boot out our overpaid, over-promoted MPs in Westminster and bring a breath of fresh air to our local councils?

If you are interested in helping the UK Independence Party in the Bath & Somerset constituencies, we can put your skills to good use.  We do not have paid staff, so we need as many willing local volunteers as we can find to run our local campaigns and to help with our branch administration. 

Join our campaign team. Whether you simply want to sign up, share our message online, deliver leaflets, donate to our campaign, attend events or join our election team – it all helps! We often need helpers to run stalls, speak to voters, handle paperwork and emails, man the phones, write articles and letters and even to stand as candidates. The list is endless

We can always find a place for new volunteers, so, wherever you live within the Bath and Somerset area; if you would like to lend us a hand or just to find out more, please get in touch with us at: and let us know 

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