Become a local candidate for the UK Independence Party

Do you live in the Bath and Somerset area?

Do you feel passionately about local issues?

Do you long for a return to common sense politics?

Do you support UKIP’s aims and objectives?

Our Branch is always very busy during local elections, campaigning for UKIP within our constituencies. We get involved with General Elections, local council elections and some other elections. Our Branch is responsible for selecting candidates to stand for UKIP in General Elections, local elections and some other local elections within Bath and Somerset. In all cases, we require our candidates to adhere to a high standard of personal conduct and behaviour. So; if you are a UKIP member, subscribe to UKIP values and you would like us to consider you as a local UKIP candidate, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

UKIP’s core principles for local government include:

An end to council wasteful spending

An end to inflated salaries of council executives

Opposition to wind farms

Protecting our countryside and green belt

Regeneration of our local economy & businesses

Stopping the war on motorists

A common sense approach to roads and transport

If you feel you have what it takes we want to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing our Branch Chairman on (or contact us by phone on 0117 318 0511) to arrange a personal visit or informal chat.

UKIP Bath & Somerset

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